The XPath-View with an input-editor

Why Txt2XML-Developer?

Txt2XMLParser is a powerful library to parse txt files but can be not quite straightforward to everyone. Txt2XML parser rules are stored in XML "Formatter" files that can then be used by Txt2XMLParser library in batch mode.

The Txt2XML-View is an environment in which you can test, use and play with Txt2XML-Formatter files. The expressions can be evaluated against the input on the fly when you attach the view to an txt-document open in an (Eclipse-)editor. When you change the Txt2XML-Formatter or the input text, the result is updated behind the scenes.

The Txt2XML-View is based on the Txt2XMLParser library, which is distributed with the plug-in.

See here for screen-shots and details on using the Txt2XML-View.

What are the license terms?

Txt2XML-Developer is distributed under the Eclipse Public License, v 1.0. You can find the license details online at

The license is an Open Source license.